A Lot Of Progress

A lot of progress has been made over the last month. Here is a picture of the insulation going up in the converted walkway and of the hall with a coat of paint and the ceiling tile grade installed.IMG_1906.JPGIMG_1907.JPG


Lights, Stairs, and Paint


There has been a lot happening with the new building. The painting on the exterior of the new building should be finished today, once this is done the existing building will get a coat to match.

The plumbing is also in progress with the vents and other lines being run.


The outside ramps and stairs are also being framed and poured this week.

The inside ramp for accessing the platform is now complete along with the stairs going up to the platform as well.

Finally, the high bay lights have been installed (notice the farthest set is turned on). These lights will keep the gym bright for basketball!


Second Floor Progresses

While we won’t be using the second floor when we first move in, we’ll be able to later when we need it. The crews are working on laying down the subfloor for the second level and have started the second level of framing. The electrical crew is also working on getting the building wired. The HVAC crew is also working on getting the heating and air installed. Below are some pictures that show the framing going up around the gymnatorium.